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American Artist, Educator, and Curator based in New York City.

American artist, educator, and curator Ellie Krakow is currently showcasing her solo show "Linoleum Spine" at the Marinaro Gallery in New York City. This body of work reflects on medical intervention, support architectures, and their impact on bodies, inspired by her own experience living with a chronic illness. Krakow, an interdisciplinary artist, has an MFA from Hunter College and a BA through studies at Yale University and Rhode Island School of Design. Her work has been exhibited at various venues, and she actively contributes to text-based and curatorial projects. Her written works are published in several art and culture magazines, and she has curated projects shown at The Whitney Museum, among others. Krakow has been a part of various artist residencies and is currently a sculpture teacher and director of Mazmanian Gallery at Framingham State University.

This discussion was recorded at her studio in Long Island City in August 2021




American Artist, Filmaker, and Educator, based in New York City

American artist, filmmaker, and educator Leslie Thornton is currently exhibiting her retrospective solo show, "BEGIN AGAIN, AGAIN," at the MIT List Visual Arts Center, featuring a new two-channel video work, "Hemlock." Thornton, a pioneer of contemporary media aesthetics, has had her work featured in retrospectives at venues like MoMA and FemCine. Her work is displayed at prominent exhibitions and film festivals worldwide and belongs to the permanent collections of several renowned institutions. In 2018, she, along with James Richards, was the first recipient of a CERN Artist Residency. Upcoming exhibitions include venues like Kunstlerhouse Stuttgart and Malmö Kunsthalle

This discussion was recorded at her home in Astoria Queens in Nov 2021




American artist, Cultural Activist, and Educator, based in New York City

American artist, cultural activist, and educator Jerry Kearns is currently exhibiting his solo show "BLAM!!!" at Frosch & Co Gallery in NYC, featuring a series of paintings made between 2016-2020, inspired by personal and global tragedies. With a career spanning 40 years, Kearns' work has been exhibited across the globe, featured in renowned publications, and included in collections of notable museums. Kearns' art, dubbed as "psychological pop," represents a multidimensional quantum universe, using varied iconography to express American beliefs. His work involves conflict and power struggles, depicting characters from Western popular culture in situations mirroring our reality. A discussion about his work was recorded in May 2021 at the Frosch & Co Gallery, despite a brief sound malfunction.

This discussion was recorded in New York City on May 2021




Alina Grasmann is a realist painter based in Munich.

Alina Grasmann is a realist painter based in Munich -

She creates large-scale, site-specific compositions that blur the line between fact and fiction. Her works are inspired by a specific film or piece of literature as a starting point - which then takes her on a journey of exploration - where she researches places and then visits them in real life, recording her experiences and the atmosphere through photographs. Drawn to the narratives of each place, she compares the reality and sensation of the place with the way she imagined it would be, then makes interventions by changing or adding objects, or erasing parts. Rather than illustrating existing myths about a place, she aims to create space for association so new stories emerge.

This discussion was recorded in Munich in 2020




Italian Artist and Musician based in Munich, Germany

Italian artist and musician Federico Delfrati, based in Munich, Germany, explores the paradoxes and dilemmas of human interpretation of reality through various mediums including video, performance, music, and multimedia installation. His work employs a DIY approach to empirical research, resulting in thought experiments. His art aims to reflect the duality of humanity's humility and megalomania, vulnerability and manipulation, and curiosity and naivety in relation to nature. His recent project, "Beresheet," is a music album narrating the story of the sixth mass extinction caused by human action, inviting listeners to experience a range of emotions from despair to acceptance.

This discussion was recorded in Munich in 2019




Miya Ando Lives and Works in New York City, USA

Miya Ando is a Japanese and American artist whose painting and sculpture articulate themes of perception and examine one’s relationship to time. Ando is a descendant of Bizen sword makers and spent her childhood between a Buddhist temple in Japan as well as in rural Northern California. Her work pays homage to ancient techniques and ideas, fusing them with contemporary materials and forms. She often references historic literary texts and examines the idea that the fundamental nature of reality is that all constituent forms that make up the universe are temporary; a concept found in Buddhism as well as quantum physics.

This discussion was recorded in New York in 2018




Eline Mugaas Lives and Works in Oslo, Norway

Eline Mugaas graduated from The Cooper Union  in New York in 1993. Eline’s work mostly focuses on collages and photography, aimed to provoke emotion using visuals of the architecture of our surroundings. From this, we are left to make both personal and worldly connections, such as the way architecture regulates our world. In addition to photography, Mugaas has also created films that explore similar themes. After spending the start of her career living and creating in the U.S., Mugaas eventually moved back to Oslo,  where she exhibited her breakthrough work, Let Me Be Your One Way Street, at Fotogalleriet. Since then, she has been living and working in her home of Oslo, Norway. Mugaas has shown her work at Kunsthall Stavagnger, The Museum of Modern Art, and Kunstnernes Hus Oslo.  Some of her most recent accomplishments include being awarded the prestigious  2019 Lorck Schive Art Prize from the Trondheim Kunstmuseum in Trondheim, Norway. In addition, you can see her most recent work at the Necessity of Dependent Clauses, at the Galleri Riis, in Oslo.

This discussion was recorded in Oslo in 2018

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